Top Spring/Summer Beauty Trends

  It’s spring time which is synonymous with new life, new energy and health and vitality. Spring heralds feelings of joy and wakes up the senses after the long winter. Spring motivates us and prompts us to action and helps us to look outside ourselves to our environment for creativity and motivation. It’s called Spring … Continue reading

Inspire – fahrryder’s

A Bike Store – German Style! We couldn’t go past posting this photo of an inspirational bike shop just outside Berlin in Germany.  Fahrryder (we think pronounced ‘far rider’), the German word for bike, is a very apt name for these  2 wheel delights that we think won’t really get much chance to take you … Continue reading

Inspire – The Positive Effects of Nature

We will never tire of the positive effects of nature. It’s calming, soothing and at times that breath of fresh air we crave after staring at our screens and devices.   We also couldn’t resist including this little piece of inspiration after visiting my niece at her state cheerleading championship finals last weekend – an … Continue reading