Top Spring/Summer Beauty Trends


BeautyBlogIt’s spring time which is synonymous with new life, new energy and health and vitality. Spring heralds feelings of joy and wakes up the senses after the long winter. Spring motivates us and prompts us to action and helps us to look outside ourselves to our environment for creativity and motivation. It’s called Spring Cleaning for a reason!

The blooming of beautiful colour in Spring always provides great inspiration for fashion & cosmetic trends. Spring/Summer is all about colour – bright, bold, rich, fun, vibrant colour. It’s also about intricate design and crazy prints. The bold colour and exuberance in design are indications of a rebellion against the constraints of the GFC, and long running financial pressures globally. In cosmetics, you will have noticed this trend in the ever increasing popularity of bright, bold lips and the resurgence of lipstick!

For the face and skincare, it’s all about multi-functioning. For many years cosmetic formulations, especially foundations, have been moving into a skincare proposition. Consumers want more for their money and expect greater performance. In an increasingly flooded beauty market, consumers have more choice than ever so beauty brands have to work harder to get their attention and create products that stand out and perform. This has given rise to the creation of some ingenious new products that provide multiple functions in one formula, such as BB Creams and CC Creams.

BB Cream generally stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. Originally designed for post surgery skincare and adopted for Asian skin types, the global cosmetic market picked up the concept and developed it for the mass market. It is an all-in-one product that acts as a serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunscreen, cover and treatment for blemishes, and often has anti-ageing or other skincare benefits.

The CC Cream is an evolution of the BB Cream which has been refined. CC stands for Colour Control or Colour Correction Cream. CC Creams were developed to have all the benefits of the BB Cream but with added colour correcting and skin tone evening properties, a lighter texture, and addition of more skincare properties.

What great products to embrace in the warmer months – bring on Summer!

Dani Howard is a senior manager at Neon Cosmetics in Melbourne and consults with many of Australia’s leading beauty brands to assist with staying on trend.

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