Feeling Well, Eating Well

applesOooooooooh breakfast.

Such an important meal for so many reasons – one: to flick your metabolism switch on, two: to deliver many wholesome and vital nutrients to your body, and three: to put a delicious spring in your morning step!

Whether you’re able to make time for breakfast at home (ideal) or Tupperware it for the office, make sure what you’re feeding your body is full of good things and tastes great too.

There’s a long list of health claims that make the $1.2 billion cereal business competitive (and complicated). However, if I can pass on one tip, this is it: choose foods that are as close from the ground to your mouth as possible, as unprocessed as possible: choose foods that are in their natural state.

Eating this way is a natural, healthy, wholesome way to eat and I believe if you eat this way, the other things that are important (high fibre, high protein, low salt etc) will come naturally.

Simply have a squizz at the ingredient list of the foods you’re into. (Note: carrots apples, walnuts, eggs, rice, spinach, strawberries… in fact all fresh fruit and vegetables and unprocessed foods include simply the one thing on their ingredient list. This makes them an excellent choice! Get the gist?). If you can recognise all of the ingredients on a food’s ingredient list as whole foods then you’re onto a winner.

g. luxe muesli is proud of her ingredient list and is the perfect example of a breakfast cereal sporting only whole things.  Handmade with 18 beautiful ingredients including gluten free grains, nuts, seeds, coconut and dried fruits, this is one breakfast that gets the tick on all counts… AND it’s delicious!

Georgia Smith is a nutritionist, food friend and health nut and is the Founder of g.luxe Muesli http://www.gluxemuesli.com/ 

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