Experience – ‘Best Ever Facial’ – Deborah Taylor, Chuan Spa

After a decade within the Spa Industry and numerous promises of miracle skin cures I had found myself giving up on my eternal search for the ‘best ever facial’ as skin treatments for me rarely went beyond putting product on my face.

Well, last week, at the Chuan Spa in the healing hands of beauty therapist and trainer, Deborah Taylor, I was refreshingly surprised to discover that the ‘best ever facial’ does exist at The Langham Hotel using an organic professional skin care range called ‘Phyt’s’.

Now conceding to finding the Holy Grail of facials is a big call, I know, but this results focused treatment with a therapist who exudes ‘radiant beauty’ is one that I will never forget.

For me, this facial was amazing because Deborah was able to provide me with more than just product application and gave advice well beyond her years of experience.

The key to staying ‘youthful’ and taking good care of your skin is regular exfoliation with a mechanical or enzymatic exfoliant in upward strokes over the skin.  This self massage is what keeps everything moving removing toxins from the body and out of your skin.  Deborah also believes that being happy and positive alongside eating lots of avocado, flaxseed oil, raw veggies (she eats around 75% of her diet raw) and greens assures eternally youthful skin.  “You are what you eat” she says and if a 75% diet of raw veggies gets you skin like Deborah’s I’m off to the markets to stock up this weekend!

All jokes aside I loved this facial.  It was a pleasure to be treated by Deborah who is truly talented.  The Phyts organic range is also divine.  It’s 100% natural and doesn’t contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients (just like the Salus range.. ahhhhhh) and what I loved about Phyts was that each product was individually dispensed leaving no room for ‘double dipping’ before me!

Deborah currently works at Chuan on Monday’s through to Wednesday’s between 10am and 3pm and every 2nd Saturday so if you’re after that little extra advice that keeps you looking youthful be sure to book well in advance.

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